AllBio is there to help with the bioinformatics of life science projects All Bio-logical research fields.

Group of participants at the RNA-seq workshop in helsinki - Jan 2014 The picture shows the participants to the “RNA-seq data analysis workshop” organised by the ALLBIO partner CSC, 8-10 January 2014.

After sequencing the human genome the world spent a lot of time and money on the bioinformatics needed to harvest the wealth of information in those 23 chromosomes. AllBio will coordinate the efforts to make the human genome related technologies work too in fields like microbial, plant, and lifestock bioinformatics.

We reach out to these communities and ask that they make their bioinformatics wishes known. This can be done by either filling out an online Test Case Form, the Test Case template, or by contacting any of the AllBio partners.


New articles PLOS BMC Systems Biology acknowledge AllBio

AllBio Project Closing Event AllBio Consortium Meeting 29 - 30 September 2014
TGAC and AllBio collaboration for TGAC’s new training suite see article


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