WP1 Community building

The main objective of WP1 is to build a joint platform/community of life science bioinformatics developers and users to identify demands and needs for the future. Test cases defined by interviews with the user community will serve as a basis to identify the main challenges in life science bioinformatics.

WP2 Inventory and Roadmap

The objective of WP2 is to generate a catalogue of bioinformatics tools and services that are available in the different fields of the life sciences (AllBioCatalogue). Based on this inventory, tools missing in the life science fields that are necessary to solve the test cases will be identified and form the basis for a roadmap defining needs in bioinformatics tools and services.

WP3 Life Science Bioinformatics Projects

The objective of the WP3 is to introduce the selected “test cases” from WP1 to the bioinformatics community and find together with them solution for these test cases. The bioinformatics community will contribute to the solution of each selected test case. These solutions will be validated under the coordination of WP5.

WP4 Interoperability

The main aim of the WP4 is to coordinate the process of making life science-related software packages, services and data resources work together, in a similar way as has been done over the last decade for many human health-related packages. Additionally, the modification of human genome and human health-related software packages for application in other life science fields will be coordinated. Specific objectives are: to identify and harmonise existing ontologies that are necessary for interoperability in this field; to establish minimum standards for web service deployment; to provide an on-line, searchable catalogue of resources; and to co-ordinate these activities whilst staying up-to-date with complementary initiatives in other projects.

WP5 Validation and Training

The objective of WP5 is the validation of the proposed solutions for the “test cases” generated in WP3 for different areas of the life sciences. The validation tests will also encompass the agreements from WP4 on standards for interoperability of systems. Instruments for the extended validation processes with the target community employed for WP5 are experts’ workshops and training courses. Results from WP5 will feed back to WP3 and WP4 for further optimisation of their coordination activities.

WP6 Management

Main objective of WP6 is the management of the AllBio project including the responsibility for contractual, financial, legal, and administrative issues. The management will also oversee the execution of the milestones in the timeframe of the project and the reporting. The second objective is the establishment and continuous communication between the AllBio participants and the officers of the EC. Third objective is the organization of the kick-off and the final meeting of the AllBio participants. Fourth objective is the support of the partners in the communication with the broader public and stakeholders for general issues of the project.

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