WP6 Management

Main objective of WP6 is the management of the AllBio project including the responsibility for contractual, financial, legal, and administrative issues. The management will also oversee the execution of the milestones in the timeframe of the project and the reporting. The second objective is the establishment and continuous communication between the AllBio participants and the officers of the EC. Third objective is the organization of the kick-off and the final meeting of the AllBio participants. Fourth objective is the support of the partners in the communication with the broader public and stakeholders for general issues of the project.

Responsable: Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, SVERIGES LANTBRUKSUNIVERSITET (SLU), Uppsala, Sweden


  1. D6.1 First annual report finalised
  2. D6.2 Second annual report finalised
  3. D6.3 Final project report finalised
  4. D6.4 Kick-off meeting organised
  5. D6.5 First annual meeting organised
  6. D6.6 Second annual meeting organised
  7. D6.7 Final project meeting organised

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