AllBio Consortium Meeting

Day One

Arrival: 29th Sept.

Start at lunch time, 12:00 - 18:00 points 1-5


Day Two

9:00-16:00 Writing the white paper

then all can leave early enough to be back home that day.

Agenda points
  1. deliverables
  2. organisation of writing the reports (we need two of them, the year 3
  3. report and the final one)
  4. financial statements (if possible with the presence of your financial people)
  5. links to other projects (e.g. GOBLET, BioCatalogue, Images…)
  6. future activities arising from AllBio
  7. writing the white paper

Amsterdam, Netherland

Hampshire Hotel

Rembrandt Square Amsterdam

Amstelstraat 17

1017 DA - Amsterdam

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