WP4 Interoperability

The main aim of the WP4 is to coordinate the process of making life science-related software packages, services and data resources work together, in a similar way as has been done over the last decade for many human health-related packages. Additionally, the modification of human genome and human health-related software packages for application in other life science fields will be coordinated. Specific objectives are: to identify and harmonise existing ontologies that are necessary for interoperability in this field; to establish minimum standards for web service deployment; to provide an on-line, searchable catalogue of resources; and to co-ordinate these activities whilst staying up-to-date with complementary initiatives in other projects.

Reasponsable: Teresa Attwood, THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER (UNIMAN), Manchester, United Kingdom


  1. D4.1 Technology recommendation report
  2. D4.2 AllBio Web Service Catalogue (First Version}
  3. D4.3 Extended ontologies and exchange schema
  4. D4.4 AllBio Web Service Catalogue (Final version)

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