Test Case Title

Genome assembly of heterozygous diploid data

Test Case Acronyme


Test Case Class

Animals (Plants)

Contact person

Jacob Höglund, Biao Wang - EcolGen; Ignas Bunikis, Hossein Jorjani, Magnus Alm Rosenblad, Eva Hellmén - University of Uppsala



Test Case Description

Many NGS projects will not have access to data from inbred lines. This will cause problems in the assembly. How can this be solved?

Background knowledge

Current technology generate short reads, or low coverage. Extent and nature of DNA duplications is unknown. Which NGS approach is best?

Initial state of the Test case


Desired final state of the Test Case


Test Case Work Plan



LF: this is a research topic, especially for multiploid genomes. At the moment no solution exist. We could invite people how worked on similar projects or specialised in phasing.

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