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Transcriptome and small RNA comparison of four phenotypically distinct cv “Primitivo” grapevine clones

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Istituto di Virologia Vegetale del CNR, Bari; Dipartimento di Scienze del suolo della pianta e degli alimenti, Università di Bari; Centro Ricerche in Agricoltura “Basile Caramia”, Locorotondo, Bari



Test Case Description

We selected four different grapevine clones of the grapevine cv. Primitivo. The four clones are phenotypically distinct with respect to yield and morphology of the bunches. Particularly, this latter trait, depending mainly on the size of the berries, directly influences the technological characteristics of grape/must (ratio skin/pulp and than antocians and polyphenols contents) and compactness of bunches directly linked with the different susceptibility to fungal agents of bunch rots. The goal of the study is to identify molecular pathway linked to these phenotypic traits by analyzing small RNA and mRNA libraries from the tissues of these four distinct grapevine clones.

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LF: Yet another full research project. The should really split it into smaller tasks, that could be analysed separately. e.g., a) transcriptome assembly or remapping onto reference genome? b) counting gene expression (both for mRNA and small RNA) c) compare several gene expression vs each other or vs a reference

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