AllBio Community Bilding Event in the Netherlands

Purpose of the meeting was to bring together the Dutch metagenomics research community.

The meeting was organized together with NBIC (special thanks to Leon Mei). There were about 60 participants from over 20 research institutes and / or companies and several research groups within the research institutes. Presentations were given by various research groups on different topics. The plenary discussion in the afternoon was lively and resulted some test cases that will be formulated and uploaded onto the AllBio web portal.


10:20-10:30Rob Hooft, Sacha van HijumWelcome & Introduction
10:30-11:00Victor de Jager (CMBI/NBIC)The use of Grid and Cloud computing in functional metagenomics projects
11:00-11:30Jos Boekhorst (NIZO/CMBI)Analyzing microbial communities using 16S pyrosequencing
11:30-12:00Jeroen Laros (LUMC)Single molecule sequencing in bacterial metagenomics
13:00-13:30Robert Kraaij (ErasmusMC)Microbiome sequencing in large human populations
13:30-14:00Giske Biesbroek (UMC Utrecht)The microbiome of the upper respiratory tract: key to respiratory disease?
14:00-14:30József Geml (National Herbarium of the Netherlands)Biodiversity assessment of soil fungal communities using 454 sequencing
14:30-14:40tea break
14:40-16:00allPlenary discussion
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