ALLBIO Workshop on "Bioinformatics Community Building" in Uppsala

The AllBio community building workshop in Uppsala, Sweden was a successful and stimulating event.

SLU and SLU Global Bioinformatics Centre recently hosted the “AllBio Community Building Event” at Ultuna, Uppsala, Sweden.

30 participants attended the event, and 8 selected presentations were held by representatives of the animal, plant, and microbial research fields. The focus of the talks was on difficulties in *omics data analysis, and group discussions led to several test cases being collected for the development of bioinformatics tools in future efforts led by AllBio.

Below find the programme of the workshop:

10:00 Introduction to ALLBIO - Erik Bongcam-Rudloff

10:30 Coffee

10:45 Presentations:

  • Ola Spjuth - UPPMAX
  • Hans Ronne - Algal genome sequencing
  • Robert Söderlund - Whole genome based SNP-typing of bacteria
  • Ashfaq Ali - RNA-seq and proteomics in potato

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Presentations:

  • Jacob Höglund, Biao Wang - Bioinformatics for a non model organism
  • Erik Alexandersson - Annotation of potatogenome
  • Eva Hellmén - Canine tumour analysis
  • Magnus Alm Rosenblad - De novo-sequencing of marine organisms

14:30 Coffee

14:45 Group discussions aiming to identifying new test cases and important conferences/workshops i animal, plant and microbial research fields.

15:30 Discussion with short presentations from the group discussions

16:00 Closing of the event

Call for the AllBio Community building event in Sweden

AllBio is a concerted effort of 10 bioinformatics academic institutes and interfaces between the agricultural sciences, microbiology, and bioinformatics. The goal of the project is to identify and develop bioinformatics tools and databases to solve problems for the scientific communities.

We would hereby like to invite you to attend the AllBio community building event in Uppsala, which will take place on May 3 in Uppsala, Sweden. (allbio-invitation_sweden.pdf).

There are myriads of bioinformatics tools within each discipline that have been developed by members in the respective areas, and although the tools within the !elds are known to experts in the speci!c communities, there is a wealth of knowledge in the full biological/bioinformatics spectrum that could be highly beneficial to other research areas.

As part of the bioinformatics community we would like to work on detecting gaps in existing tools to handle biological data. We will identify your needs in a form which you will help to fill out, describing the issue(s) that you want solved, which methods you have tried before and how you would ideally see the results visualised. The test cases created during the workshop will be forwarded to the AllBio consortium to define which challenges should be met by bioinformatics tools from the perspective of the end user.

AllBio will be able to financially support a limited numbers of participants to this workshop. To work efficiently during the day we would like to ask you to submit a short abstract.

The abstract should be divided into 4 parts:

  1. Biological background of the bioinformatics problem
  2. Nature of data to be analysed
  3. Nature of bottleneck in the data analysis process
  4. Ideal workflow and end result of the analysis process

The abstract should not exceed one page!

Abstracts are submitted to Deadline of abstract submission will be 30 April 2012.

Participation in the workshop will be free, including coffee breaks and dinner, and we invite all abstract providers to participate in this event in Uppsala. All abstracts will be analysed and forwarded to the AllBio community, shown on the AllBio portal and to be subject for future selection for detailed processing within the AllBio consortium.

Preliminary programme:

  • Registration and breakfast
  • Selected presentations
  • Lunch
  • Round table discussions of test cases
  • Dinner

Updates on this event:

Find the venue (Ultuna, Undervisningshuset, Sal L):

Organised by SLU and SciLife lab.

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