HACKATON for Test Cases 5 and 15

This meeting was the start-up for two submitted test cases:

  • TC 5, CattleOmics- Integrative Omics analysis workflow
  • TC 15, SOMICS- Genetics, Genomics and Evolution of prolific breeds of domestic sheep (Ovis aries).

The meeting hosted 17 participants representing; Life Glimmer GmbH, Germany, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland, MTT Agrifood Research, Finland, Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe (CIPF), Spain, CSC-IT Centre for Science, Finland, Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens, Greece, and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Researchers from SLU submitted TC 5 and researchers from MTT Agrifood Research submitted TC 15. Both TCs involve the study of reproduction ability in domesticated animals under different feeding conditions, which made it possible to merge this start-up session. Both TCs will also use high-throughput methods such as RNA-sequencing to reach their goals.

One common problem for both TCs is that integration of results from different datasets is needed to reach the expected goals. TC 5 represents parts of the EU-project PROLIFIC where several researchers from Hgen are involved and SGBC carries the main responsibility for solving the bioinformatics needed for the project.


The time set for presentations should also include questions and discussion.

Day 1, Monday 7th of October:
9.30- Event starts at Park Inn Uppsala, Erik will have a small welcome talk.
9.40- Grégoire presents the role of the hack-a-thon days in the project.
10.00- Break for coffee.
10.30- Presentation of test case 5, CattleOmics, Patrice Humblot.
11.15- Presentation of test case 15, SOMICS, Juha Kantanen.
12.00- Lunch
13.00- Solution provider presentation, STATegra, Ana Conesa.
14.00- Solution provider presentation, Chipster, Eija Korpelainen.
15.00- Break for coffee.
15.30- 17.00 Discussion about how to divide the work to provide solutions for each TC. Coordinate groups for discussion and problem solving Day 2.
19.00- Go out for dinner.

Day 2, Tuesday 8th of October:
06.30-8.30 Breakfast
8.30- Group discussions, problem solving.
10.00- Break for coffee.
10.30- Continue group discussions and problem solving.
12.00- Lunch
13.00- Continue group discussions and problem solving.
14.00- Make summary and evaluation of event. Make plans for second hack-a- thon. Who will do what to keep the work moving forward?
15.00- Coffee. Continue with summary and evaluation.
16.00- Event ends.

How to get to Uppsala from Stockholm Arlanda
The easiest way to get from the airport to Uppsala central station is to go by train. This is both faster and cheaper than taking a cab. There is one train every 30 min leaving from Arlanda central station, the trip to Uppsala C will take approximately 20 min. You can buy tickets for the train at Arlanda central station. For more information follow the link and scroll down to commuter trains. http://www.swedavia.com/arlanda/to-from/train/ Note that these trains also are used for people travelling to Stockholm, so make sure that you catch the train going in the right direction, i.e. to Uppsala and NOT to Stockholm.

How to find the hotel and meeting location?
All participants will be accommodated at hotel Park Inn, Uppsala. This is also the location for our meetings. The hotel will provide lunch and coffee during the event. The hotel is located only a 5 min walk from Uppsala central station. For more information, please see the links below.

General information
Since Swedish stores are not obligated to take euros you will need Swedish kronor or a payment card to buy train tickets (and for shopping).
Some of you asked about the Swedish electrical outlet, the link below provide a guide with all European standards.

If you need to contact me (Monika Brandt) when you have arrived to Sweden, call me on 004673-669 53 27.

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